Medium Weekly Report(19.10–30.10)


  • Optimize the swap product experience and solve the problem that the currency cannot be selected in the wallet pool such as Tp/Imtoken/BitKeep;
  • The Chinese version of DACC’s mintr page has been modified to facilitate users to better understand and use synthetic assets;
  • The DACC website page and UI are modified to improve user experience.
  • dUSD synthetic asset exchange: The next step will support the exchange of dUSD for other synthetic assets, adding dUSD application scenarios.


  • The DACC synthetic asset product was launched on October 23, and the DACC 2.0 product launch conference was jointly held with Guowei Finance;
  • On October 23, Teresa, head of the DACC DAO Ecological Committee, and Dai Shanshan, the founder of Koala Finance, broadcast live in the Token club to talk about the ultimate form of the Social Work Token Model token agreement;
  • Opened the Chris Cruel head mine and provided dUSD-USDT LP to participate in liquidity mining. The mining pool APY is currently stable at 120%;
  • Teresa, head of DACC DAO Ecological Committee, spoke to Oriswap representative Siuha at the 499DATA&Stud AMA event, and revealed that DACC’s synthetic asset-stable currency dUSD has been listed on the Bitribe exchange, and the dUSD-USDT trading pair has been opened. There will be more dUSD in the future Application scenarios of, mortgage, lending, mining, etc.;
  • Reached a strategic cooperation with BitKeep, and landed on the banner of BitKeep homepage;
  • Joint airdrop with the detective agency, aunt Wang, uniswap laboratory and other communities


Overseas communities

  • There will be three rounds of NFT airdrop activities in the overseas English Telegram community, and the address collection activity will end on October 31. Cumulative address collection 10000+;
  • The collection of addresses for the South Korean community’s NFT airdrop event will end on October 31. Cumulative address collection 200+

Chinese community

  • There will be two rounds of NFT airdrops in China, and the deadline will be collected on October 31. Collect 900+ cumulative addresses;
  • Up to now, the Chinese community volunteers have recruited 45 volunteers and 7 core volunteers. The recruitment activities are still in progress;
  • The number of warehouse inspections in large-scale households has accumulated to 43 persons, holding more than one million currency.


  • The overseas Telegram community grew 7000+ users in two weeks. Cumulative users 30000+
  • The core VIP group of the Korean community grew to 50 people, and the number of users increased by 1200+ in two weeks. Cumulative users 3200+
  • 2500+ users increased in China in two weeks. Accumulated users 6000+
  • DACC Twitter followers grew by 11,000+ in two weeks. Accumulated followers 39.3k+




A Synthetic Asset Protocol with NFT.

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A Synthetic Asset Protocol with NFT.

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